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Kate!Fic | Harry Potter Drabble Dump | Any Age

Title: Harry Potter Drabble Dump
Author: Kate, aka mugglechump
Characters: Gwen Jones, Michael Corner, Reese Ashley, Severus Snape
Rating: Any Age
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is JKR’s sandbox. I just like to build sand castles.
Author’s Notes: These are little drabbles I wrote for a meme that was going around. The object was to put your iTunes on shuffle and write a drabble inspired by whatever songs came up, stopping when the song was over. I cheated a little, but here are the results. Gwen Jones and Reese Ashley are based on the characters played by elle_blessing at caliga_rpg. Michael Corner is based on the character played by elle_blessing at pinksheep_wench. Snape is based on Snape.

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